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Work from 'anywhere' policy

We are looking at a work from anywhere policy for a set amount of time each year. I would love to hear more about how it is implemented in practice or a policy. It would certainly be of great benefit to staff and align with recent market trends (Deloitte, KPMG, Randstad, Envato, etc.).

This is a great question. A recent MIT Sloan research showed that that there is a negative impact on performance evaluations, appraisals and promotion opportunities for remote workers compared to their colleagues who work in the office. This happens due to passive facetime – crediting people more on the basis of being seen at work, rather than their actual performance.

How can you combat this? Is this through supporting a work from home culture and putting strategies as well as technologies in place to have visibility to validate employees contribution.

This is where the HR tech space has really seen an opportunity to implement innovative strategies to optimise employee engagement.

This is why virtual coaching - not just for executive or managers has been implemented from JRs to CEOs.

A few key takeaways from adding coaching for all employees:

  • Research shows that employees’ first few years in their career is critical in shaping them as professionals and to gain transferable skills that can have a significant impact on the pace of their growth. While the benefits of coaching senior managers and leadership has been well documented, it can also be vital for the development of employees who are starting out in their professional journeys.
  • Gallup’s research shows that employees who are coached to use their strengths are able to contribute to 14-29% increase in overall business profits

Sama - `is currently working Finance / asset managers / fully remote agencies - all with the hopes to empower their employees, heighten engagement, personalise their professional growth and power HR with insight on remote working.

Other coaching companies:
Coach Hub
Better up

I would say that the goal now is to make sure that the employee feels the support from their employers instead of adding more work on employees and their managers. Personalising engagement will continue to be a trend while we all get use to remote workign

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